Christmas Kiss

32 Counts,1 Wall Newcomer Linedance with
Tags and different ending.
Christmas Kiss by Nathan Carter
Christmas Stuff

The Long Road

64 Counts,2 Wall Novice West Coast Swing Linedance with Restarts
The Long Road by Yvonne Fahy & Marc Roberts
Album: Diversity

Love Again

1 Wall , 64 Counts, Novice, Country Linedance
Love Again
by Marc Roberts and Kathy Crinion

Single :
Love Again

The Promise

1 Wall , 42 Counts, Novice, Irish Waltz
with Tag
The Promise by Marc Roberts
The Promise

Seasons Of The Heart

 Phrased High Level Intermediate A,B,Nightclub with Tags 

Song: Seasons Of The Heart 
by Marc Roberts

Album: A Tribute To The Music Of John Denver

For Baby For Bobby

32 Counts, 4 Wall Country Two Step Novice Linedance  with Tags

Song: For Baby For Bobby 
by Marc Roberts

Album: A Tribute To The Music Of John Denver

Westport  Town

Easy  A,B Newcomer Country Linedance with Tag

Song: Westport Town 
by Stuart Moyles

Album: Westport Town

Wild Atlantic Way

A,B Phrased Intermediate Country Lilt  Linedance

Song: Wild Atlantic Way 
by Marc Roberts feat. Yvonne Fahy 
& Trad on the Prom

Single: Wild Atlantic Way
Diversity by Yvonne Fahy

Grandma's Feather Bed

64 counts Country 1 Wall  Novice Linedance with Tags 

Song: Grandma´s  Feather Bed 
by Marc Roberts

Album: A Tribute To The Music Of John Denver

Precious Time

A,B,C Country Intermediate Lilt Linedance
Precious Time
by Nathan Carter

Where I Wanna Be

The Southern Wind

A,B,C Cuban Country Intermediate Linedance 

Song: Jump Right In by Zac Brown

Album: Uncaged

Heart That's True

Non Country Intermediate A,B,C Linedance with Tag

Music: Don´t Be Cruel 
by Elvis vs. Spamcox

Album: Elvis vs.Spamcox

Mama Needs Someone

54 Count, 2 Wall, Intermediate Waltz 

Song: Mama Needs  Someone To Hold Her
by Greg Holland

Album: Exception To The Rule

One More Pillow Fight

 32 Count, 4 Wall, Newcomer Cuban Linedance

Song: One More Pillow Fight 
by Leland Martin

Album: Leland Martin