Martina was born 16.09.1972 in Berlin Germany as the youngest of three children. During her School days, she attended 21 years in a gymnastic club, where she learned discipline at an early age.
She took part in numerous competitions during this time.
Later she teached in this club a group of Teenager as a volunteer and was even a judge at German Championships and international competitions of the German Gymnastic Federation.
After completing her education a few years later , Martina started 2003 with linedancing.
She learned over 100 dances in the first year and became a member of a group that occasionally had appearances in churches and at festivals.
But quickly she realized that she wanted more. Martina has always been a competitive person and so she left 2006 the group to get dance lessons for her first competition with Enrico Adler, a multiple world champion in country and western dance.
Martina trained until the end of 2007 with great success with Enrico.
After that, a friend took over the training, who was always present during the practice sessions with Enrico Adler.
2014 and 2015, she took also lessens at a dutch trainer,  (Liane Van Dijk-van Dun) she gave her many technical advises. Since 2009 Martina also writes her own Linedances and compete at competitions of the World Country Dance Federation (WCDF) with great success. She writes dances mostly to country music and songs she likes.
Her love to the country music was also a reason why she started dancing.


Important successes are:

2007  German Champion in the Division Crystal Newcomer
2007  Dutch Champion in the Division Crystal Newcomer
2007  Leader of the German Ranking 
2008  3rd placement at the World Championships in the Division Crystal Newcomer
2011  German Champion in the Division Crystal Novice
2013  2nd placement at the World Championship with the Choreography "Hayday Tonight" in the  Devision  Country Intermediate Advanced